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43 Wells Rd
Half Moon Bay
New Zealand

Ph: 027 483 5194


Trevor Abbott and John Biddick formed Advanced ERP Consultants Ltd in early 2006 after having worked together on various projects where it became apparent that their complimentary skills worked well during the implementation of ERP systems at their common clients.

Together, Trevor and John have over 20 years experience in systems implementation, project management, systems development, re-engineering and training in a wide variety of ERP systems. Both have extensive practical business experience in a variety of roles from Financial Management through to Operations Management and Planning. This experience has built a true customer perspective appreciation of ERP systems’ strengths to leverage from, and conversely pitfalls to be aware of.

Why choose Advanced ERP Consultants Ltd?

Advanced ERP Consultants Ltd has a business philosophy of:

  • Providing solutions that work
  • Keeping costs down, and to implement for the best possible return on investment for the customer
  • The shortest possible implementation time
  • Work hard to get what the customer wants

Advanced ERP Consultants Ltd are different to many other software providers by being actively involved in the entire ERP project from scoping, selection, business process mapping, designing, customising, training, data conversion, implementation and support, often providing a fixed price for your project where customer’s requirements are defined.

Advanced ERP Consultants Ltd can also call upon additional skilled, knowledgeable consultants equally committed to AERP’s business philosophy of service and product excellence.