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SYSPRO On The Go for iPhone

SYSPRO On the Go iPhone Application is a business application that provides instant and secure access to information about your customers, suppliers, inventory items, contacts and other key business information. (See sample screenshots on the right).

Using the SYSPRO On the Go iPhone application:

  • Search for customers or suppliers and connect to them via email, text message or phone
  • View and create contacts on your iPhone
  • View inventory availability including images of your product
  • Find directions to your customers or contacts using maps
  • View company executive information using graphs and charts


Requirements to run the SYSPRO On the Go iPhone application:

  • SYSPRO Version 6.1 installed on a server
  • The SYSPRO iPhone service running on the same server as SYSPRO Version 6.1
  • SYSPRO On The Go installed on an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (free download from the Apple Apps Store)
  • Internet connection for the Apple device
  • Licensed SYSPRO solutions (contact your local SYSPRO office for more information)

If you have an Apple device as listed above, you can download the SYSPRO On The Go app from the Apple App Store for free and experience this application using sample data.