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SYSPRO Workflow Services

Screenshot of SYSPRO Workflow ServicesSYSPRO Workflow Services (SWS) gives users the capability of designing, orchestrating, managing and enabling business processes through a fluid and easy to user user-interface. This allows greater visibility, clarity, transparency and integration throughout the organization’s business processes.

SWS enables you to streamline end-to-end business process, as well as create efficient interaction between SYSPRO and external applications.

Benefits of SYSPRO Workflow Services include:

  • Being able to “workflow enable” any part of the SYSPRO ERP or external applications according to your business requirements
  • Workflow processes can be initiated both within SYSPRO and externally
  • Completely built into the SYSPRO ERP system
  • Design, build, deploy, manage and integrate workflows seamlessly
  • Monitor and streamline business processes
  • Promotes collaboration between process roleplayers
  • Enables you to apply rules-based control
  • Process workflow transactions remotely and without necessarily having SYSPRO installed on the desktop


You can read more about SYSPRO Workflow Services on the SYSPRO Workflow Services Factsheet or the SYSPRO Workflow Services Product Brochure (click either link to download respective PDF document). Alternatively you can contact Advanced ERP Consultants Ltd for more information.