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43 Wells Rd
Half Moon Bay
New Zealand

Ph: 027 483 5194


Jiwa is a fully integrated system, used extensively in the Warehousing, Distribution and Service sectors of industry. Jiwa operates primarily in the Australasian market, and is currently installed on over 650 sites in that region.

Jiwa is supplied with General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Sales Orders, Purchasing and CRM as standard modules, and depending on client requirement, can offer Landed Cost Tracking, Service Manager, Bill of Material and Job Costing modules as options.

Also built on Microsoft Windows technology, Jiwa can be easily integrated to third party solutions, and in addition, is very adaptable for use in companies whose business operation may not necessarily follow the accepted normal transactional process.

Jiwa is priced to meet it’s intended target market, and offers excellent return on investment for any purchaser.