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New Zealand

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The country’s only authorised PlayStation service centre, along with its sister sales company, Leading Solutions, find business success in a shared ERP solution...

Some people might consider working on Sony PlayStations all day a dream gig but for Fixtronics staff, it’s just another day in the office.

Fixtronics is an outsourced after sales care and service support centre, providing warranty and non warranty repair services for select electronic products. It is also New Zealand’s only PlayStation Authorised Service Centre.

It’s a role that requires exceptional technical competency and rigorous service management skills, where clients demand fast turnaround on repairs but they also expect in-depth reporting to remain fully informed about any product problems, costs and the status of jobs in progress.

A Dose Of DOS

Some years ago gathering this data was made difficult by the company’s core software, an old DOS-based service system. As Fixtronics grew in the early 2000s and added new sales activities, the software was unable to capture the necessary transactional data.

To complicate matters it was at this time that Fixtronics decided to divide its business into two. The service arm was growing but so too were its sales activities. Rather than dilute focus, Fixtronics held onto the services and created a sister company – Leading Solutions – as its dedicated sales organisation. According to John Lennox, general manager of Fixtronics: “We needed a new system that would not only run sales and services, but that was also capable of managing two businesses.”

In early 2005 Fixtronics came across JIWA Financials, a solution widely used in service and trading industries. Demonstrations, evaluations and site visits followed, and after an introduction to the local JIWA solutions provider, Advanced ERP, Lennox had found his answer.

And Then There Were Two

In August 2006 JIWA Financials went live with a single installation of JIWA across the two companies. In addition to managing the preparation, implementation, testing and training, Advanced ERP conducted customisation of the software to meet the invoicing and reporting needs of clients such as Sony. “One of the things we found with Advanced ERP is that they have the experience to understand the business and processes very early on. They recognised our complexities, understood what we needed and were able to deliver on that,” Lennox says.

The solution has made it easy to keep clients up to date. “We used to manually put data into Microsoft Access to create reports,” Lennox explains. “These are now integrated with JIWA and it all happens automatically.”

Twice a day PlayStation service centre data is extracted from JIWA and sent to the PlayStation Oceania call centre, enabling operators to keep up to date with service and repair status.

Month-end reporting time has dropped dramatically. Statements that used to take up to eight days to prepare are ready by 10am the day after close-ofmonth. Profit and loss statements are available as soon as the last creditor has been loaded and Fixtronics has eliminated its previous reliance on an external accountant for several hours every month.

Lennox notes that for the first time management has access to hard data about the sales business. “We used to have no reporting. We didn’t even know what our margins were. Now we can see on a daily basis what our sales performance is and how we are performing financially.”

In the next 12 months Fixtronics plans to call on Advanced ERP for assistance in enabling e-commerce over the website through JIWA.

“This was something we always had in the back of our mind when we did the initial viewing of the product. We haven’t even scratched the surface with JIWA,” says Lennox.